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bitcoin city

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Conchagua (El Salvador) (AFP) � When President Nayib Bukele announced plans to create the world's first "Bitcoin City," a futuristic metropolis. A 'Bitcoin City' in El Salvador inspired by ancient Greeks? Here's a reality check. From the risk that cryptocurrency leads to "a paradise for. Bukele announced plans for a "Bitcoin City" in November , to be built in a circle at the base of the Conchagua volcano, which would provide geothermal.
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GoCrypto enables merchants to accept contactless cashless payments from millions of new customers � tech enthusiasts with various crypto wallets, like the Bitcoin. It would also power bitcoin mining -- the massively energy-consuming process by which bitcoin is created using supercomputers that solve complex mathematical problems. The concept of Bitcoin City, joined by an increasing number of merchants and business partners, has been developed by the BTC company since early Crypto enthusiasts have tried to construct their own utopias before.