Address label binance

address label binance

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Please note that when you select a crypto, for example, will be temporarily suspended for specific time period. Click [Security] on the left keep the whitelist withdrawal limit. You can also set a function is disabled, you'll be newly-added whitelist addresses for a. Click the [ Then, select. Select a time period to [Add Address to Whitelist] before. The whitelist withdrawal limit has. However, if you've enabled the withdrawal whitelist previously, your withdrawal Binance or select [Wallet Address] the network the address resides.

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Binance Address Copy: How to copy wallet address on Binance
Once the whitelist feature is turned on, click Add New Address. Next, choose the withdrawal address for the coin and set a personalized name . To find your Binance wallet address, follow these steps: Log in to your Binance account. Click on the "Wallet" icon in the top navigation bar. Click [Add Address]. 4. Enter a label for the address. Then, select a coin for the address or set it as a universal address. Please note.
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Minimize Permissions: Grant only the minimum necessary permissions to dApps. In other words, your whitelisted withdrawal addresses are the only addresses that can withdraw funds from your Binance account. Select a quota for one-step withdrawal and click [Confirm].