Blockchain domains

blockchain domains

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January 20, Views: 13, Add. It is still early days used mostly by cryptocurrency users, thoughtful people are thinking and alternative or non-DNS domains are.

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IPFS \u0026 Blockchain Domains: How To Launch An Unstoppable Website On IPFS In Under 3 Minutes!
bitcoinsourcesonline.comhain domain is an easy-to-remember address for sending and receiving crypto. Integrate all your crypto addresses into one simple and bitcoinsourcesonline.comhain domain. Coins and tokens icon. Use your domain to receive + coins and tokens. When attached to a crypto wallet, blockchain domains are the perfect conduit for tax avoidance and moving the proceeds of crime around.
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Contact me with news and offers from other Future brands Receive email from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors. There are also a number of registrars selling blockchain domains alongside regular domains. It is still early days for blockchain domain names, and not entirely clear how things will play out in terms of which currencies will stick.